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Jodi R Nath | Argo Residential | New York, NY


Police Officer.
At first she seemed professional, we had a full conversation where she asked me a few questions of what I do, income, credit score etc. She asked me for my name several times and in the end still got my name wrong which would of been fine if she wasn't discriminating. This real estate agent's approach wasn't welcoming or friendly and I felt discriminated upon because of the way she was staring at me and I felt she looked for any reason to not give me an application. I'm a Hispanic male, I told her my full name Derrick etc... several times and in the end she was like goodbye Rakim. How you mistake Derick and Rakim is beyond me. I wanted to put my input so anyone else doesn't encounter such behavior, word of advice don't judge people based on appearance. I never seen that type of discrimination considering I have family in that field of work. As a real estate agent if your going to be in a such a field especially one in New York where it's so diverse it does not pay to be selective. Remember that potential clients are what brings income into your checks. Thank you.
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